Hello sports Men and Women of KUSA.

The recent global developments in matters COVID-19 and the recent detection of some casesvin Kenya has dramatically and drastically altered the way we do things. Sports by nature involves contact and this has proved to be one of the easiest ways through which infection occur.

It is therefore no wonder that Sports the World over, just like the Economy and Social Life have been greatly affected and disrupted. This is no easy matter especially for our young athletes who are full of energy which must be appropriately used. It is not just about energy, most of us use sports to socialize, travel (sports tourism), earn a living or supplement our income, for fun or because of the pleasure we derive from either watching, playing or coaching various sports.

All these benefits are now lost at least for the foreseeable future. All is not lost though and we hope to bounce back stronger sooner than later. I know that we miss the sports arenas but certain situations demand real sacrifices. We must pay the cost of getting this situation back to normal. It will upset everything and turn our World upside down but it is just for a season.

KUSA prides itself in being the only sports organization comprising of sports Men and Women who are educated and their resolve in aiding to end the infection cycle will be very instrumental in ending this epidemic. We need to make a decision as individuals and collectively to eradicate this virus from this country so that normalcy resumes in our sporting lives.

Let us embrace the safety measures as circulated by World Health Organization (WHO) and the national government, as well as the Ministry of Health. Let us join hands in bringing this menace to an end.

Let us take good care of ourselves and stay safe.

Yours in sports

Shisoka Akaka Shisoka.