The General Assembly

Article 4: The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of KUSA with the sole authority to:
4.1 Determine and control the general policy of KUSA, in compliance with the goals and objectives defined in Article 2 of the present Statutes
4.2 Receive, examine and approve, at its regular meetings, the management report on KUSA’s activities for the past year.
4.3 Receive and approve, following a report from the External Auditor, the financial statements for each financial year
4.4 Approve the budget through a formal vote for the proceeding year
4.5 Fix the amount of the membership fee
4.6 Decide on the admission of new active members or associate members and on the exclusion of universities with the status of active member and associate member of KUSA
4.7 Elect the members of the Executive Committee
4.8 Decide on the adoption of a strategic plan for the years to come, and on a biennial action plan.
4.9 Decide on the amendment of the Statutes and the Internal Regulations, and, if appropriate, decide on the dissolution of KUSA and manage the liquidation and allocation of KUSA’s assets in case of dissolution
4.10 Decide on any questions submitted by the universities with the status of active members, or by the Executive Committee.

Article 5: Convening, agenda, deliberations and decisions

5.1 The General Assembly is held annually.
5.2 Elections shall be held once every four (4) years.
5.3 Notice of the General Assembly shall be issued by the KUSA Secretary General at least three (3) months before the date fixed for the meeting.
5.4 Motions from member universities for inclusion in the agenda shall be submitted to the Secretariat in writing at least two months before the fixed date.
5.5 The Secretariat shall circulate the final agenda and documents not later than fourteen (14) days before the fixed date for the assembly.
5.6 The General assembly shall sit not later than the tenth month of the calendar year
5.7 An extraordinary General Assembly may be convened at the request of at least two thirds (2/3) of KUSA’s active member universities or on the decision of the Executive Committee.
5.8 The agenda of the General Assembly is set by the Executive Committee, and shall include the items listed in Article 4. The deliberations of the General Assembly may only relate to the issues listed in the agenda.
5.9 Voting shall take place by secret ballot whenever it concerns individuals, or upon request of at least fifty per cent (50%) of the active members present at the General Assembly.
5.10 All decisions shall be taken by an absolute majority of the votes cast, except in cases clearly provided for in the present Statutes and the Internal Regulations.

Article 6: Composition and voting rights
Active members
6.1 The General Assembly is composed of the universities with the status of active members, as set out in Article 3.
6.2 Universities with the status of active members shall be represented by a maximum of three (3) delegates one of whom must be a current sports students’ leader. The Head of Department/In Charge, Administrator or a delegate specifically mandated for this purpose by their Universities may constitute the other two representatives. Representatives of a University with the status of active member shall hold a valid employment status of the University they represent.
6.3 Each University with the status of active member has only one vote. Only delegates mandated by a University with the status of active member and physically present in the General Assembly may take part in votes. Proxy voting, postal voting or voting by Internet is not allowed.
6.4 Active members may only exercise the right to vote if they are up to date with their membership fee at the end of KUSA calendar year. Participants, observers and guests
6.5 Members of the Executive Committee, the KUSA staff, the Chairpersons of KUSA Sub- committees, conference officials and the External Auditor may participate in the General Assembly without voting rights.
6.6 Representatives of FISU, FASU, other continental, regional and national organisations and individuals may attend the General Assembly as observers or as KUSA’s guests.
6.7 Such members may be called upon to make presentations to the assembly.

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