Article 10: Direction, representation, administration

10.1 The Secretary General, who is an elected member of The Executive Committee, is responsible for the secretariat of KUSA, and shall act chief accounting officer of KUSA.
10.2 The President and Secretary General shall inform the Executive Committee on all new appointments of staff, whose duties and responsibilities include the management of the administration, the day-to-day implementation of the KUSA policies and any other responsibilities related to the functioning of KUSA.
10.3 The President and Secretary General shall advise the Executive Committee on all matters that relate to staff.
10.4 The staff may be dismissed by the Executive Committee on recommendation of the secretary general, under the terms and conditions of the contract of employment, and KUSA’s human resource guidelines.

Article 11: Annual auditing of the accounts and External Auditor

11.1 The KUSA financial year shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st
11.2 All accounts of KUSA shall be audited annually by an independent & qualified company of external financial auditors appointed by the federation. This company shall be appointed for a period of two (2) years. The appointed firm shall produce an audited report every year to the General Assembly.

Article 12: Liability and insurance
12.1 KUSA shall only be financially liable for its own property. No member University can be held liable for the commitments undertaken by KUSA
12.2 On the proposal of the President, Secretary General and the Treasurer, the Executive Committee may authorise to take an insurance covering the liability incurred by the persons mentioned in Articles 7, 9 and 10, or appointed for missions by KUSA, and/or the compensation for any damage they might suffer while exercising their duties or missions.

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