The Executive Committee

Article 7: Composition of the Executive Committee
7.1 The Executive Committee consists of Nine (9) members elected for four (4) years in the case of officials and two (2) years in the case of students by the elective General Assembly.
7.2 The composition of the Executive Committee shall include:
7.2.1 One (1) President;
7.2.2 One (1) Vice President
7.2.3 One (1) Secretary-General
7.2.4 One (1) Treasurer
7.2.5 Two (2) Student representatives from two different universities and different genders.
7.2.6 One (1) Deputy Secretary-General
7.2.7 One (1) Deputy Treasurer
7.2.8 One (1) Public relations officer
7.2.9 The composition of the Executive Committee shall consist of at-least a 30/70 gender balance.
7.3 The members of the Executive Committee sit in a personal capacity; they have a voting right in the Executive Committee, unless otherwise stated.

Article 8: Conduct of the Executive Committee

8.1 The Secretary General shall convene an Executive Committee meeting after consultation with the KUSA President.
8.2 The Executive Committee shall meet as regularly as possible.
8.3 (2/3) of the Executive Committee members may request the convening of a meeting in writing.
8.4 KUSA staff shall attend the meetings of the Executive Committee, as non voting members thereof. Any other members of KUSA sub-committee may attend the meetings on invitation by the executive.
8.5 The Executive Committee may not validly deliberate on issues unless it achieves a quorum of at least 50% plus one (+1) voting members.
8.6 Voting shall take place by secret ballot whenever it concerns individuals, or when a minimum of half (50%) of the voting members of the Executive Committee request it.
8.7 Decisions shall be taken by an absolute majority of the voting members present.
8.8 In the event of a tied vote, the President shall have the casting vote. However, for convening an extraordinary General Assembly or for an amendment to the Regulations, the majority required is at least two thirds of (2/3) votes cast.
8.9 Minutes of the sessions shall be taken. The minutes shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval at its next meeting, and signed by the President and Secretary General.
8.10 Be regarded as moralist “par excellence” of the organisation and shall lead by example in accordance with the fundamental principles of KUSA

Article 9: Duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee
9.1 The Executive Committee shall:
9.1.1 Make proposals to the General Assembly on the affiliation of new active members and the admission of associate members after examining the application requests for temporary membership or universities that may tender resignation letters
9.1.2 Enforce all the resolutions passed by KUSA General Assembly
9.1.3 Make a detailed report of the preceded session of the General Assembly.
9.1.4 Make, if need be, provisions for budget amendments corresponding to the financial bonds of the period during which the session of General Assembly is not held.
9.1.5 Scrutinize the rules, regulations and programmes of KUSA conferences
9.1.6 Make an appraisal of activities of KUSA conferences
9.1.7 Take all necessary steps in enforcing KUSA principles according to the Statutes and Internal Regulations of KUSA.
9.1.8 Assign members of Executive for special duties on the basis of their competence.
9.1.9 Appoint and dismiss the Chairpersons and members of the KUSA sub- committees;
9.1.10 Ratify the appointment and dismissal of KUSA staff by the Secretary General
9.1.11 Take decisions on any disciplinary measure proposed by the Legal and Disciplinary Committee, applicable to the university with the status of active members and to natural or legal persons under the authority of KUSA, against whom a breach of university sports ethics, in the provisions of the present Statutes or of the KUSA Internal Regulations might be held;
9.1.12 Examine the questions of general interest submitted to it by the President
9.1.13 Rule on the direction of KUSA’s general policy; for this purpose, it may decide to create working groups or groups of experts and propose amendments to the Statutes and the Internal Regulations, to be submitted to the General Assembly for approval;
9.1.14 Attribute the organisation of all the various university sports events organised under the auspices of KUSA
9.2 The Executive Committee has authority to accept gifts and bequests in favour of KUSA.
9.3 The Executive Committee makes recommendations relating to acts of dissolution, liquidation and assignment referred to in Article 4 of the present Statutes, and presents them to the General Assembly for approval.

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